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Dermika is a dermatology medical center where a wonderful team of highly specialized and certified doctors WORK TOGETHER, focused on offering prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the main dermatological conditions, with a wide variety of laser technology.

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About Us 

Dermika was ESTABLISHED in March 2008. Our laser dermatology center incorporates a team of medical professionals with a HIGH level of specialization and focus on offering a scientific, professional, and humane treatment of dermatology ISSUES for both adults and children. 

Our dermatologists are certified by the Consejo Mexicano de Dermatología and are constantly being updated. 

Our areas of expertise

At Dermika we believe in beauty backed by science. Therefore, we use only treatments and medical supplies approved by the Ministry of Health. In addition, we keep our medical and human team constantly updated.









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Our Philosophy

Founded in 2008, since the beginning, Dermika has had in its philosophy 3 fundamental lines: