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At Dermika we believe in beauty backed by science, that’s why we use only treatments and medical supplies approved by the Ministry of Health. One of them is our Hollywood Peel service.
In addition, we keep our medical and human team constantly updated.

Hollywood Peel

hollywood peel

It is a skin rejuvenation procedure, in which a mask with activated carbon is applied, with the aim of making a controlled burn. This helps remove damaged top layers .

The layers of skin revealed after performing a Hollywood Peel are newer and therefore smoother and younger. It is used to control blemishes , acne scars , stretch marks , open pores, oily skin and rejuvenation.

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Hollywood peel is a procedure where an activated carbon mask is placed on the skin for a period of approximately 20 minutes. Afterwards, the laser performs a peeling , which generates a stimulation of the collagen in the skin and some particles are naturally removed from the face.

This treatment can be applied to almost all skin types, except for very specific cases that should be consulted with a specialist . The result obtained after carrying out this treatment is of a homogeneous tone and with a natural shine; In addition, it is immediate, since a facial recovery process is not required. Although the results can be seen quickly, it is important to carry out several sessions so that the result is prolonged. These can be in periods of a month or a month and a half, and add up to a total of approximately 4 sessions.

Hollywood Peel will help you have a relaxed and firm looking face. In addition, it will help you eliminate acne and control the way your face acts with day-to-day changes. Consult our staff to find out if you are a candidate for this treatment.