The Best Treatments for Every Skin Type

At Dermika, we believe in beauty backed by science. Therefore, we only use treatments and medical supplies approved by the SECRETARY of Health. In addition, we keep our medical equipment and MEDICAL team TRAINING up-to-date. One of our best services is laser hair removal.


Soprano Titanium Laser

Thanks to its patented technology, the Soprano Titanium laser combines three technologies in the same device: Diode, Nd:YAG, and Alejandrita.

By incorporating multiple technologies and laser wavelengths, it allows FOR THE treating OF more types of hair quickly.

The results are visible from the first session and for all skin phototypes from I to VI.

THIS cold technology provides greater comfort in the sessions, producing less pain sensation and covering more areas in less time.

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Láser diodo depilación

Diode Laser

The diode laser is considered the Gold Standard in hair removal worldwide. It acts on the hair pigmentation in an automatic and specific way, differentiating the hair from the skin, and causing progressive and safe hair removal.

It is a fast technique, with very little discomfort, it requires several sessions and sometimes maintenance sessions. This laser is the one that has the highest range of safety FOR all skin tones.

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Láser Nd-YAG


Laser hair removal for specific cases of hypertrichosis* when the diode laser is not enough.

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*Hypertrichosis is categorized FOR a high percentage of hair on the body, regardless of where it is located.

This can be focalized (a specific area) or present throughout the body in a homogeneous manner.

Hypertrichosis is very common in men, who tend to generate areas with more hair growth than others, as well as the thickness of the hair.

In women, it can occur in a more focused way, the areas where there is a greater abundance of hair is where this laser hair removal technique is used.

The laser hair removal treatments that we offer at Dermika are recommended by our dermatologists.

It is always suggested to HAVE an evaluation with our medical specialist, who, according to the needs of each patient, will indicate the appropriate treatment as well as the number of sessions that will be needed to remove the hair.

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