How to Treat Scars?

acne scars
Treatment for scars

Definition and causes

Scars are the formation of tissue that is created to repair a wound. This process can result in imperceptible scars or on the contrary depressed or thick (keloids). Acne is a very common cause of depressed types, and piercings can cause keloids. How to cure scars depends on the type of scars, and there are various treatments to do so.

The depressed scar is one that leaves traces on the skin that are not on the tissue, but that can be easily perceived by touch. When you have acne problems, especially when you pick or scratch your face, these types of scars are present.

On the other hand, keloid scars are those that arise from external factors that injure or swell the skin. That is why a piercing, a tattoo or a surgical or cut wound can become this kind of scar.


The form of healing largely does not depend on us but on intrinsic factors of our body. To promote the healing process of a wound, products with pirfenidone or silicone gels can be used. The care we take in the healing process is important, cleanliness and good care of the process can be a good preventive treatment for scars.


So how to heal scars? Fortunately, there are several treatment options for scars depending on the characteristics of the scar. For the depressed type, subincisions, platelet-rich plasma, fillers or CO2 laser can be performed. On the other hand, for keloids, triamcinolone or 5-FU, fractionated CO2 laser or surgery can be injected.

Scar treatment can only be carried out by a dermatologist or skin specialist . It is important that you go to a consultation to see the degree of damage, and consider the possible treatments; all this, depending on the type of skin you have.

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