Stretch Marks

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Definition and Causes

Stretch marks are lines or creases that can appear on THE skin that has been stretched excessively as a result of growth, pregnancy, or weight gain. Long-term use of topical or oral corticosteroids can also cause stretch marks. Fortunately, there are laser remedies for stretch marks that can help eliminate them.

By definition, these are skin stretching lesions. They usually occur during growth (in the adolescent stage), weight changes, or when a pregnancy causes a EXCESSIVE stretching of the skin.

Signs and Symptoms

They appear as parallel lines that in the early stages are reddish, thin, and shiny. As time goes by, they become whitish and opaque and may sink TO form creases. They usually do not cause pain or itching.

They are usually more common in women, although some men may get them, mainly during growth (adolescence), sudden weight changes, or due to genetic factors. In women, the factors are usually even greater, as they can occur due to the natural increase of fat in adolescence, weight change, genetics, or pregnancy.

They usually appear in areas where the skin tends to stretch more extensively, such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, and breasts.


La elasticidad de la piel está condicionada en gran parte por cuestiones genéticas, por lo que en ocasiones es inevitable la aparición de estrías.  Pero podemos evitar factores desencadenantes como los cambios abruptos de peso. También existen otros métodos como el láser para estrías.

Diagnosis and treatment

The elasticity of the skin is largely conditioned by genetic issues, so sometimes the appearance of stretch marks is inevitable. But we can avoid triggering factors such as sudden changes in weight. There are also other methods such as laser treatment for stretch marks.

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